In the past years, I've been working on different exciting projects! I enjoy programming, circuit design, microcontrollers, etc.

Among those I remember while at the Javeriana University, I designed an ECG with an audio amplifier, a discrete controller for a switched power supply, a programmable distributed system, and the digital subscriber line tester from my thesis.

During my time at the University of Delaware, I only designed basic circuitry for a new ADC architecture, which is currently being tested at UD. But this project also involved previous testing with digital quantization of signals, mainly 20kHz audio. Previous to that some basic image processing testing for analysis and filtering. Then I worked on my dissertation topic on quantization and signal processing techniques applied to detection and control of congestion in TCP networks. And finally, some basic involvement with analysis and mechanisms for intrussion detection in computer networks.

At the end of my PhD at UD, I worked for the Network and Systems Services (NSS), where I found my self developing really interesting projects, such as a GPS application for tracking the university buses, and data acquisition and visualization of temperature in computing centers and UPS (power systems) data information.